Back Up and Limping 😅

(An Awesome Reader Family update)

Awesome Reader Family members who have been following this poet’s recent adventures and misadventures online are aware that a couple of weeks ago her landlord withdrew access to the household WiFi, in revenge for a rent withholding action she had at last instituted after four long months of rights violations.

These same readers will remember that — the very same day — the poet’s stimulus check became available to her.

The following day she made the connection to a better quality device, along with friendly, willing and knowledgeable assistance in setting it up.

(As a completely unsolicited endorsement, if you happen to live in Northern Humboldt and find yourself with cell phone related needs, please do go see the gentlemen at Advanced Cellular, who will do you so right.)

While she was standing at the counter making that purchase, the customer immediately following her bought every remaining phone of that make and model in the store.

Every aspect of setup on the improved device has gone smoothly — except for the WP app which, though trouble has been taken to provide three or four separate sign-in options, has displayed more bizarre behaviors than a mad scientist on bad drugs.

This morning the poet received at last a detailed communication from the WP help desk, suggesting sign-in from browser rather than app, change of password through link provided, and reinstallation of the app itself.

All three of these options were attempted at least once.


The poet got in.


And then never again.

Good thing she saved the link on her homepage — she’s writing to you on it now!

But that’s all she can do.

She still can’t comment on, share or even indicate a liking for the works of Family members on this device, forward news items of interest, or even publish voice recorded poetry.

She can, in fact, do just one thing well: post her own works in written form for your pleasure, uplift, entertainment and inspiration.

If an author is to be limited to a single function — that would be the one she’d choose, yes?

We’ll keep working on functions for communal reconnection.

In the meantime, the poet is at liberty to reassume a full posting schedule of original works on this primary site.

Please do enjoy!


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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