Awesome Reader Family Update

Those members of the Awesome Reader Family who have been concerned about her safety will be relieved to know that this poet has successfully escaped the dangerous household in which for the past five months she had been delicately keeping a peace no other member wished to see prevail.

Presently she is in the care of loving friends and, yet again, outreaching for the impossibility of a rental room at a price allowed by her microbudget and containing the shortlist of requirements necessary to carry on with her work.

Her connection with the editing page to this site continues tenuous. Unable to sign in to the WordPress app for the last month, she’s been pulling up one saved page from a browser which occasionally consents to patch her through. Sometimes that page freezes. Sometimes the browser refuses to work at all. 

So far, she’s managed to avoid being locked out completely for more than a few hours. 

So now, if there’s a gap in transmissions, it no longer means she has disappeared irredeemably, as have so many impoverished American women, into a sketchy room rental situation, but only that technological anomalies are keeping her — hopefully temporarily — from being able to connect with you.

The poet tries to tell herself that one day she’ll be in a place she can call home, reliably connected to the work which is the center and heart of her abysmally unsettled existence. 

She does try.

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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