Brothers play ‘Hallelujah’ on pan flutes, and its the most comforting version you’ll ever hear


Wuauquikuna, established over 16 years ago, is composed of brothers Luis and Fabian Salazar of Ecuador. They’ve had many popular hits, but their recent performance of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” is beyond beautiful.

In their YouTube video, the brothers are seen sitting on rocks and holding their pan flutes. Surrounded by the lake’s relaxing view, Luis and Fabian begin playing the iconic song using their instruments. Each note is like a sweet whisper, making us want to stop everything and listen to its relaxing and peaceful sound. The song, in itself, is lovely, but its pan flute rendition is unlike no other. It’s a melody you could listen to all day long!


For those of you who might not be familiar, the pan flute, also known as panpipes or syrinx, is a musical instrument that comprises multiple pipes of increasing length. Its pipes are usually made of bamboo, local reeds, or giant cane.

As of writing, the performance has over 940,000 views, and we bet it would only go higher as more and more people are introduced to the duo’s heavenly music.

A comment on the video echoed what we were all thinking. She wrote, “In my opinion, the world’s most beautiful song played on the most beautiful musical instrument. Thank you.”

Another said, “This is magical makes me want to float in the sky.”


Indeed! The music of Luis and Fabian transports us to another world that offers nothing but serenity and relief. Their masterful playing of the pan flute is like an antidote that is meant to alleviate our fears and worries.

Luis and Fabian have worked on making music inspired by folklore tunes all their lives. They’ve been performing in festivals and concerts in Europe and outside its border for over two decades. Their goal is to spread their rich culture and share their inspiring music with others. Together, the brothers have recorded 11 CDs and 1 DVD. The music in those tapes is a mixture of two cultures: north and south American.


Explaining what it means, they wrote:

“We are representing the prophecies from our elders and it is related to join together two cultures just like the Eagle from the North and the Condor from the South are sharing the same sky. It will be our future when people from all tribes and cultures comes together as one.”

They play many instruments mainly from South and North America, but their favorites are the quena, quenacho, chinese flute, zampoñas, rondador, panflute, and toyos.

Watch Luis and Fabian’s performance in the video below and prepare to hear the most relaxing music you’ll ever hear.

Luis and Fabian clearly have a gift for producing beautiful music that soothes the soul and heals the heart. You can find more of their incredible work on YouTube.

Learn more about this amazing duo by visiting their website.

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