Instant DIY “Cure” for Restless Leg Syndrome

(Trouble keeping your body still? Maybe you’re an ascension worker…)


I was tortured for years by restless leg symptoms. Over the years the energy coming in has changed: it began as energy that had a lower frequency (albeit higher than the prevailing frequency), if I could have assigned a sound to it, it had a kind of low drone. Now it is a very high, almost ultrasonic frequency like the upper ranges of a dentist’s drill, and in fact, it feels like it is “drilling” through my nervous system, starting in my lower central core and ending in my legs. Of course, like any internal itch, you want to strike out and thus the “restless leg” twitching.

I tried every cure out there. I walked, massaged my legs, tried CBD oil, homeopathy, etc.

Then one day I realized that if the body were rendered less “conductive” the energy might not bother me as much. Or maybe the cure makes my nervous system more conductive. Regardless, the “cure” below actually works. Think of it this way, batteries are alkaline or acid. All you have to do is change the acidity slightly.

Funny thing was that I found out that my brother-in-law has been using this cure for years and hadn’t told me! I wonder where he found his information.

Cure for restless legs: put a half-teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of filtered water and drink it. After about five swallows of the water and a couple minutes, the “itching” inside your body will subside.

Esoteric diagnosis:

The “new” energy from the central sun comes into the sun which transduces it and transmits the modified higher energy to humans (pillars) on the Earth who receive it and ground it into the Earth.

If you are one of these pillars, you are taking this energy through your central nervous system. If your body is too acid or alkaline it can feel like it is frying your system, like a wire that isn’t able to carry higher voltage. Your body is like a battery—the fluids in your body have a slight acid or alkaline basis. Most of us have too much acidity, and baking soda can quickly adjust this.

All you have to do is knock off a tiny bit of the acidity to get relief; baking soda does the trick quickly.

Via Infinite Shift

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