Global Days of Unity/World Unity Week


Global Days of Unity is Here Again!

“To bring hope, to bring cheer, to bring joy, yea to bring a smile again to those whose face and heart are bathed in tears and in woe, is but making that divine love SHINE – SHINE – in thy own soul!”
Edgar Cayce

This is our weekend to shine!
We are all invited to shine our light, and open our hearts
 in dance and song, in lightness and good will; and experience joy and happiness in little and big things, alone or with friends and family, in community or with nature.

Let us take this opportunity to bring forth our best selves! Liberate and enliven your own awesome, beautiful, powerful, alive and ignited heart and soul.

A new paradigm is being birthed out of the chaos that we see around us, and we are all part of the birthing process. As we experience high energy emotions (energy-in-motion) we naturally infuse the field all around us, much more and much farther than we know. And we can consciously and intentionally feel and literally emit energy~wave~vibrations of love, peace, light, joy, gentleness, kindness, happiness, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, and ecstasy.

WE ALL have within us these beautiful attributes and qualities. WE CAN BE the change! Indeed, we are.

Imagine how much Happy Energy is infused in the field when we laugh! And even more so when we laugh together!

Everyone makes a difference because everyone matters. We all matter. Every single one of us!

If we want a joyful world, let us choose joy.

If we want a peaceful world, let us choose peace.

If we want an abundant world, let us choose abundance and generosity.

If we want a loving world, let us choose love and compassion.

If we want a gentle world, let us choose forgiveness and gratitude.

For we broadcast and infuse the field around us, either consciously, or unconsciously.

Global Days of Unity was birthed out of a collective yearning for coming together to resonate Unity and Peace and Love in the Field of Transcendence. And The Field IS Alive more now than ever! We have many beautiful, insightful, wise, uplifting offerings and presentations available on-demand for you this Global Days of Unity weekend, to support your ignited heart and offer you support in the Unity of our shared alignment in the awakening of our collective consciousness. These offerings will be available all month to support and encourage us all to remember who we really are and why we came here.

This month, Global Days of Unity is uniting a global collective of inspired change-makers to offer World UNITY Week. Starting with Global Days of Unity weekend, World UNITY Week continues with an online global convergence, a series of events that are intergenerational, cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and international. Unity Week will include live online broadcasts, on-demand video, live synchronised moments, and much more.

Our world is in flux and transition.

This is a time of great awakening!

We are collectively facing our greatest fears, the fear of the unknown, and the fear of death. We are keeping still, we are walking cautiously, we are aware of each other in a new way. Let us not underestimate the enormity of this time, the quickening of our awakening, the expansion of our collective consciousness and awareness, our attention focused in much more sensitive, clear, intuitive and insightful ways.

Welcome to Global Days of Unity & World Unity Week.

Participating in June GDU.

GDU is coming this weekend, 20-21 June, another weekend of inspiration and resonating with unity, peace and love…

On-demand Offerings

Tune in throughout the GDU weekend to experience inspiring on-demand offerings from a collective of heart-centred spiritual teachers, evolutionary scientists, devotional musicians, and indigenous elders. 

Featuring heart offerings from Elijah Ray, Satish Kumar, Kia Miller, Gil Ron Shama, Manose, Jess Magic, Ortal Pelleg, Bhavani Lev, Anand Mehrotra and others.

Community Offerings

Emerging from the collective of changemakers will be a number of live community offerings throughout the GDU weekend.

Featuring beautiful offerings from Deva Premal & Miten, Global Song Circle, Eco-Conscious Music Alliance, Uniting In Babylon, Uplifting The Field and many more…

View June 2020 Community Offerings >>

ActivitiesNow is the time for being, not doing. GDU is offering a selection of activities to help take us from our screens and into our hearts.

Browse GDU Activities >>World Unity Week.Global Days of Unity is a part of the whole that transcends the sum of its parts and is coming together with other inspired changemakers to offer Unity Week, a week-long celebration of humanity rising together to a new paradigm based upon global togetherness.  

Starting on the Global Days of Unity weekend, Unity week will include live online broadcasts, on-demand video, live synchronised moments, and much more.

Visit to learn more.
Via Uplift

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