Change Starts Within


Good Morning,

I was thinking the other day – it’s going to be very tough to simply think or debate our way through the challenges we have today.

This is because our world, the systems within it, and the actions we take, are of a level of consciousness, not simply because of a policy. Thus, a change in our consciousness will be the driving factor for LASTING change.

What I mean by this is, we live from a collective mindset solely based on a story of separation. A story where life is happening to us, and we are victims of all circumstances that play out. 

This is different from a way of being or state of consciousness that sees no separation from ourselves and others. We have innate trust, love and compassion, and don’t necessarily require a belief system to tell us how to operate as when we do something for another, we want the best for them as it is the best for us, as they are us.

From this state of being, things become much more harmonious in society. Much less thought, effort and fighting needs to go into creation solutions in society as we aren’t stuck in the mindset of our own individual benefit and gain, but instead recognize the whole.

It might seem so impossible for some of us right now to envision a world that looks that way, but I bring this up because after 11 years of doing this work, I ALWAYS am brought back to the same understanding – the only thing that will truly solve the challenges we face is a shift in individual and collective consciousness.

But it starts with us as individuals – hence Change Starts Within.

Via Collective Evolution

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