The Great Ones


God said:

The Great Ones were not always seeking confirmation.

They did not look to the plaudits of the people in the world for their sense of accomplishment.

We could say that the Great Ones swam through water and did not look to the waves for an accounting. They may have swum through muddied waters. No matter, they did not measure how much mud they cleared or had yet to clear. They were intent on swimming which is to say that they were intent on doing My will. What else was there for the Great Ones to do?

They were not serving to measure their success in the world. They did what was theirs to do. They walked through the world, and they heard My Voice calling to them. I was calling to everyone. They were following My Voice and echoing My Will. It was not even that they had the time or decision to say: “Father, I am coming.” They were already striding toward Me. I was an irresistible Power, and they did not resist.

Their seeking and serving were not even to please Me. They heard My Voice and answered My Voice not even fully knowing that they were. They were lifted up by the sound of My Voice. Showered in My light, they could not exactly follow My light, for they were already in it. And so they had no other song to sing but the one I sang. They became the song I sang. They heard the music of a flute, and there was no choice for them to make. My song was their song, and what could they do about it? They knew not the difference between My Will and their will. There was One Will, and it was Ours.

You could say they were in My thrall. What better thrall was there for them to be in?

And so they were in the world but not of it. It was of Me they sang. They marched to My cadence. They heard My Voice and knew no other. They were not dissuaded. They did not dissuade themselves.

It is not that they always knew what they were doing. They may not always have known for Whom they were doing. There just wasn’t anything else for them to do but to keep going. No more than you did they know what lay across the river, nor did they necessarily know what river they were crossing.

They may not have necessarily known from where the music they heard came. They may have known nothing, yet their voice bespoke Mine. They did not know who they were anymore. They wore the uniform of the King and so they became stewards of the Earth. They could not recognize themselves. Their legs had grown. Their heart was enormous, and their heart was strong. The strings of their guitar were tuned.

They did not think: “Do I go right or left now?” They did not know ahead of time.

They did not think: “What awaits me?”

They did not think: “Will I be loved?” And so they were loved, and sometimes they were vilified. What did that matter when they heard My song? My song was not dependent upon the throngs. Therefore, the Great Ones were not dependent upon the throngs. The Great Ones were My Voice singing through the Universe. They may have heard only a glimmer of My song, and that was enough. They could not go backward. In light shimmering, how could they choose to go into darkness?

The Great Ones were mortal men and women. They knew childhood and family life. They grew up and grew beyond the dimensions of the world, and so they did it for Me, and they did it for you.

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