Global Pride is going to be the world’s biggest ever LGBTI+ celebration. We’re streaming 24 hours of content from Pride organisations, activists, civil society groups, politicians and world leaders, and you can watch anywhere as long as you have Wifi and a smartphone, tablet or computer. This map shows you an overview of the start times in some major world cities and the full schedule can be found below.

How can I watch Global Pride?

You can watch Global Pride on:


Global Pride is being organised by a team of volunteers from Prides around the world. We’re doing this unpaid because we believe it’s important to show Pride, even when the world is facing such enormous challenges. We’re asking for donations towards our Pride Relief Fund, to support Prides who are affected by COVID19 and may not survive this year. Find out more and donate here. Thank you!


Who will be performing, speaking or appearing? Select your Time Zone (UTC -12:00) AoE / Baker Island (UTC -11:00) NUT / Alofi (UTC -10:00) HST / Honolulu (UTC -09:30) MART / Taiohae (UTC -09:00) HDT / Adak (UTC -08:00) AKDT / Anchorage (UTC -07:00) PDT / Los Angeles (UTC -06:00) CST / Guatemala City (UTC -05:00) CDT / Mexico City (UTC -04:00) EDT / New York (UTC -03:00) ART / Buenos Aires (UTC -02:30) NDT / St. John’s (UTC -02:00) WGST / Nuuk (UTC -01:00) CVT / Praia (UTC +00:00) WET / Casablanca (UTC +01:00) BST / London (UTC +02:00) CEST / Brussels (UTC +03:00) MSK / Moscow (UTC +04:00) GST / Dubai (UTC +04:30) IRDT / Tehran (UTC +05:00) UZT / Tashkent (UTC +05:30) IST / New Delhi (UTC +05:45) NPT / Kathmandu (UTC +06:00) BST / Dhaka (UTC +06:30) MMT / Yangon (UTC +07:00) WIB / Jakarta (UTC +08:00) CST / Beijing (UTC +08:45) ACWST / Eucia (UTC +09:00) JST / Tokyo (UTC +09:30) ACST / Adelaide (UTC +10:00) AEST / Melbourne (UTC +10:30) LHST / Lord Howe Island (UTC +11:00) SBT / Honiara (UTC +12:00) ANAT / Anadyr (UTC +12:45) CHAST / Chatham Islands (UTC +13:00) TOT / Nukualofa (UTC +14:00) LINT / Kiritimati Loading schedule…We received more than 1,500 submissions to Global Pride, and every submission has its own merits and qualities and we are so thankful our global LGBTQI+ community has so much to share. Sadly, for reasons of time, we were not able to include every submission in the final show, but we know you’ll enjoy a rich and diverse mix of artists, activists, entertainment and information throughout the show.

Via Global Pride & Stranger’s Guide

Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Become a patron of the fine arts at:

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