Awesome Reader Family Update


For two and a half months the WP help desk has been attempting to solve this poet/editor’s inability to sign in to the WordPress app on the only device available to her.

Her latest instruction was to uninstall the app, turn off her device, and reinstall a newer version.

The result of this action is that now even the secure access link with which she has been provided fails to work on one of her two browsers.

In the second, her edit page freezes as soon as she leaves it to add any new material to the post.

Because she can’t sign in, she hasn’t been able to forward good news posts
to this site in the normal fashion, and so has been painstakingly copying and pasting them here, section by section.

The new regressive development, however, prevents her from doing even that.

She no longer, either, finds direct access to the help desk on her updated app, only an option to put on public forums a situation apparently so unusual and complex that the experts themselves are no closer to solving it than they were a month ago.

When and if the ability to operate here is restored to her, this site will recommence posting.

Given the current events in the poet’s life it seems likely that soon she will soon be unable to post, as well, on her primary site of original works due to loss of shelter, hence energy with which to power her online device —however she will be continuing to publish there until it, as well, becomes an impossibility:

“Timeless Classics” http://timeless

Among us, poets are not paid. The poet/editor of this website, being physically disabled, lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Become a patron of the fine arts at:

2 thoughts on “Awesome Reader Family Update

  1. I feel you, Sister. I am working under similar conditions with antiquated hardware and have been doing everything I can to keep things going. Falling into the unknown of all unknowns might be a good thing. I’m going with that. We’ll find our way. Bless you, Ana, for sharing your inspirations.

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